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Hand Crafted in Michigan

Fabulous Food Inc.

Catering • Weddings • Events
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Our History

Family Owned Since 1974

​​It all started with a Rock Concert.  Aerosmith was in town and needed food catered for their show.  Constance McIntire was called to fulfill the order, and that was the start of Fabulous Food Inc.​

Originally it was called High Style Catering, and for the next 12 years, every music show in Detroit would be catered by them.  You name the artist and Ron and Connie will tell you a story, from Frank Sinatra to KISS, they have done it all.  As fulfilling and downright fun as catering rock show were, Connie's strive for new ideas and cooking styles moved her into private catering for weddings and businesses.

Partnering with Dan Mooseberger, Fabulous Food Catering was born into the Ann Arbor area.  Delivering per-assembled dinners across Ann Arbor was just the first stepping stone of this small start up company.  Soon clients were lining up and orders were flying out the door.  Connie's unique vision of fresh, local, sustainable food really worked well the the atmosphere of Ann Arbor residents.   Soon bigger clients came into play, Conway Trucking, Plante & Moran, The University of Michigan, and U of M Hospital.  After being awarded the contract with MITC to provide the catering for all of their programs at their conference center Fabulous Food picked a new client.  Ross School of Business took over the first floor of MITC and for the next 5 years Connie created many unique and wide varieties of menus to wow and amaze clients from all over the world.  From breakfast, lunches, to tailgates, and on-site dinners, Fabulous Food supplied anything and everything needed.

During a meeting at MITC, Fabulous Food was approached by Washtenaw Community College to bid on a contract for their own conference center.  It was just the change Connie and the company had been looking for.  Setteling into their new surroundings at the Morris Lawrence Building, new challenges met the company.  The Ironworkers, Electrical Workers, and the UA all met during the summer months and Fabulous Food  supplied them with all the food they needed.  WCC has become and amazing opportunity for the company to grow and expand their reach over Southeast Michigan.

Throughout their history Connie still love creating custom dinning experiences for guests new, and old.  Wedding a some of her favorite, and some guests have been using Fabulous Food for over 15 years.  Truly a "mom and pop" operation Fabulous Food has never lost the original concept created by Connie and Ron over 30 years ago.  Using Fresh, local ingredients to create a truly unique event for each guest they serve.


Our Company

"Let Us Help"..........

Being family owned and operated, we have a unique ability to make better decisions and offer more options than most other companies.  We work personally with each client to customize their event, and provide a very open and friendly enviroment to ensure your event is the best it can be.


Our Food

Putting the Best Ingredients on the Plate.

We love food.  There really isn't much more we can say.  Using local, seasonal produce, and artisanal products, we strive to bring you the best of what Michigan can offer.


Contact Us / TEL: 734-677-5065

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